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Tonight!! Project H At Warehouse Shreveport [30 Jan 2009|07:11pm]


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Project H Tonight at Clicks in Baton Rouge!!! [23 Jan 2009|03:33pm]


That's right, in the words of Meriwether, "Welcome to my party! It's my birthday and it hasn't even started!"... well, maybe not MY birthday, but I know of at least two birthdays that are being celebrated tonight at Click's!

Come one, come all, and lets make this one to remember!


Project H Official MySpace Page

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Black Scorpion [17 Jun 2008|04:50pm]

Hope this isn't spam...

Ok, so the band Acrassicauda fucking rocks. They're a band originally from Iraq (formerly the only metal band in the country) and they've been through so much crap I can't believe it. I mean, not being able to make a gig because you're caught on the wrong side of a warzone? That's crazy.

So I was stumbling through the archives of this website I work for when I discovered that we have their movies-- Heavy Metal In Baghdad and Heavy Metal In Istanbul. I bestow them upon you all.

Trailers behind the cut.Collapse )

x-posted to anywhere there's metal.

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Houma, LA [27 Apr 2008|11:11pm]

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The Way It Was [20 Jan 2008|08:42am]

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Not sure if this community is still going or not, but I'll give it a shot.
The Way It Was is a journey back to the early days of the New Orleans underground music scene. There I post mp3's of demos and rare releases from Louisiana metal/punk/hardcore/etc. bands and even a few demos from bands out of state that have come my way over time.

check it out.

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WHO's COMING WITH US? [17 Aug 2007|02:20pm]

*note: time change.


WHEN : 3pm 9/11

WHERE: Beginning at the foot of the Texas St. bridge. Ending at the Court House.

PARKING: Bass Pro Shop and Boardwalk garage.

Spread the word. Tell everyone you know. General Strike. 9/11.

Don't look back and say you did nothing.

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Interlock Live [28 Mar 2007|04:29am]


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Superstar Phatbeat! [05 Jan 2007|10:51am]


The High Ground Venue presents:

[ Help repost this flyer! | View all flyers! | Visit our website! ]

Please do not save this file, re-upload it somewhere and repost.

Please only repost the original file from thehighgroundvenue.com

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[01 Nov 2006|12:06pm]


" the death throes of christianity" is now available at these fine distros!

two new songs from our forth coming release " treatise on the abyss" are posted on our myspace.

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[18 Sep 2006|10:44am]

I'm new here and I dont know if this is a dead community or not but just thought I would state that GOATWHORE, INTO ANOTHER SUN and MERCURIAL have a show at Club Sin(Lafayette) on Sept. 23.

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NOTICE [20 Jun 2006|02:08pm]

I am selling my electric guitar.

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new CATHOLICON album!!!!!!!!! [14 Apr 2006|11:40am]


visit us at myspace.

the official release date for "the death throes of christianity" is now set for may 16th on Negativity Records. this will be Catholicon's 2nd full length release . the album was recorded at our old band room on woodale blvd in the hood in baton rouge. it was mixed time and time again to no avail, then tim from masochism came along and saved the day , ,and the final mix was done by tim at nosie farm studio in paige texas. www.noisefarmstudio.com

"death throes " will be available through several different places so we will get a list up when it comes time.

I am thinking of starting pre-orders for the CD. We should have our copies in 3 to 4 weeks. Email me @ pknpah@aol.com if you would be interested in pre-ordering the CD. I'll offer a discount for pre-orders. If I get enough emails I'll set it up.

also,our 3rd album " treatise on the abyss" is already recorded and in the mixing stages. look for an august release on killzone records.


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[08 Mar 2006|08:47pm]
Anyone know where I can find mp3 samples of Suffer's "When Darkness Falls" album? I am interested in purchasing it, but not until I hear a track or two...If you have any, or know where I can find them please let me know...


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[04 Mar 2006|01:26pm]

it doesnt get any heavier than this. bad ass line-up.
come out and support some heavy music.

monday march 20th@ the darkroom
10450 florida bvd
baton rouge,la
all ages
7pm sharp

municipal waste (earache records) www.myspace.com/municipalwaste
facedowninshit (relapse records) www.myspace.com/facedowninshit
deadbird (earache records) www.myspace.com/deadbird
Catholicon(killzone records,www.uc-records.com,baton rouge's longest running metal band) www.myspace.com/catholicon
Hooves (from lafayette) www.myspace.com/hoovestheband

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shameless self promotion [06 Feb 2006|06:41pm]

Come join no_rainbow, livejournals first Deadboy and the Elephantmen community.


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[04 Feb 2006|10:57am]

This may be old news but Deadboy has 2 little blurbs in the Current issue of Rolling Stone (kanye west as jesus on the cover) look for it on pg. 26 and pg.60 ... album got 4 stars which is cool but, i think the actual review is a piece of shit.

"Dax Riggs is an Indiana boy, with New orleans dreams, weaned on whisky and blues..."

I need to listen to "If this is Hell", I love the We Are Night Sky album ... but now I currently must listen to Deadboy, that has not been touched by the hollywood-hype "cutting edge" bullshit -- Hollywood ruins everything -- But hey thats just my opinion.

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hello [03 Feb 2006|07:02pm]

hello i just joined this community -- i'm not from louisiana, i'm from los angeles -- but i love louisiana metal -- eyehategod, ACID BATH, goatwhore etc etc -- but i also just posted some pictures of Deadboy and the Elephantmen that i took when they came to LA -- pictures were taken at spaceland. Deadboy ...


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The Shallow End Zine #1 [30 Jan 2006|10:15pm]

Check out a new Zine I have in the works, if you're interested see the link below, in the picture. Thanks!

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Thought this might be of interest... [23 Jan 2006|08:26pm]


The "ad" is clickable, it takes you to the play_some_shows community info page so you can join if you'd like.
Hopefully some good things will come of this, so go check it out!!! Thanks!

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[27 Dec 2005|04:23pm]

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Stricken Zero - Summer 2006

This summer Stricken Zero plans to do a semi national tour.

The ATM Summer 2006 Tour.

With the release of ATM (the 10 song album / recorded at Space Lab 4:20 by Kenneth Sanders) and the management team @ Nephilim Services, Stricken Zero plans to make 2006 their year to carve their permanent stain on the face of America.

The Atomic Agency (www.theatomicagency.com) will be helping Stricken Zero for the next six months with bookings in Dallas, Austin, Baton Rouge, and any where they can fit us in the region.

With the way Myspace is set up - we plan to utilize the tools given to us VIA internet and make 2006 and every moment beyond into an adventure. We are adding people in every city we are coming to and we plan to party with EVERYONE when we get there. Help point us in the right direction in your city - to where we need to be. The right venue's, bands, people to party with.

Thanks to Kelly for new photo's
( http://www.myspace.com/fanciemonkey )

Thanks to The Atomic Agency for helping underground music.

Thanks to myspace for the help in underground music.

Thanks to all of the bands who have helped in the past and to all of the bands we play / party with in the future.

Thanks to Spacelab 4:20 / Kenneth ( the god ) Sanders and all of Sixty Cycle.

Thanks to Brittany Bussell for the art work for t-shirts/ tour posters / and ATM cover design.

Thanks to EVERY fucking person we have gotten fucked up with / bought us beer / shots / poon / food / smokes / BRICKWALL.

If anyone in any of these cities - or close to one of these cities can help us out, please let us know via myspace. Thanks.

The ATM Summer 2006 is as followed.

Monroe La - 6-1-06
Dallas Tx - 6-2-06
Amarillo Tx - 6-3-06
Albuquerque Nm - 6-5-06
Flagstaff Az - 6-7-06
Las Vegas - Nv - 6-9-06
Los Angeles Ca - 6-10-06
Phoenix Az - 6-12-06
El Paso Tx - 6-14-06
San Antonio Tx - 6-16-06
Austin Tx - 6-17-06
Baton Rouge La - 6-19-06
Mobile Al - 6-21-06
Ft Walton Beach Fl - 6-23-06
Atlanta Ga - 6-24-06
Memphis Tn - 6-26-06
LittleRock Ar - 6-29-06
Monroe La - 6-30-06

All Venues / Show Times / Bands / And Show Info TBA.
Look forward to T-Shirts / Stickers / New Pics / And the release of ATM very soon.

Antidonnie and Stricken Zero

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